Haunted Pub & Bar Crawls

Night time scene near River Street, Savannah

Many of Savannah’s old buildings lay claim to a haunted history, and so too do many of its drinking establishments. Some of them have ties to the city’s history as a port, with pirates and sailors and abandoned lovers; others have acquired their alleged ghosts via the hangings, feuds and tragedies of civilian life.

A good number of Savannah’s pubs and bars advertise their supernatural spirits online, but if you are looking for a more engaging experience, a haunted crawl can be a fun way to combine trying some of the city’s drinking spots with a bit of haunted history.

Savannah also offers a large variety of walking ghost tours that explore the city’s paranormal history in a non-alcohol-centric way. The two types of tour offer different things: if you want to visit a few of Savannah’s pubs and bars and meet new people, hearing a few ghost stories along the way, you might enjoy a haunted crawl.

If, on the other hand, you mostly want ghost stories, and are considering a haunted crawl because you want a drink in your hand while you hear them, you may prefer one of the several normal ghost tours that allow or encourage the consumption of alcohol: on pub and bar tours, a good proportion of the tour time will be spent obtaining drinks, which for a larger group can take quite a while.

Please note that you need to be 21 or over to take any of the following tours, and that drinks are not included in the tour price. ID is always required in Savannah if you are purchasing alcohol, and as the city allows public drinking from small containers downtown, you can take drinks with you between tour stops.

!The information below is correct as of January 2018, but please check all details with the company or guide before planning your trip. Availability may vary by season and tours may be withdrawn or changed without notice.


Haunted Pub & Bar Crawls

Damsels and Divas Tour (ages 21+) 1hr30-2hrs. With Theodora Ash Tours. Pub crawl of Savannah’s haunted establishments. Evenings daily. $17 per person. Call 912-433-4077 for reservations. More details

“The Haunted Savannah Pub Crawl” (21+) 2hrs. With Private Walking Tours of Savannah. Public tour of Savannah’s haunted establishments, usually visits three pubs. Friday-Saturday, 7:45pm. $20 per person. Reservations required. Book online or call 912-509-2084. More details

“Haunted Pubs & Taverns Of Savannah” (18+) 1hr30. With The Savannah Walks. History of Savannah’s pubs and taverns, with ghost stories. Friday-Sunday, 8pm. $20 per person. Reservations can be made online. More details

“Savannah Haunted Pub Crawl” (21+) 2hrs. With Cobblestone Tours. Candlelight ghost stories and pub tour. Daily, 8pm and Monday-Saturday, 9pm. Adults $20, seniors (65+)/active military $15. Reservations required. Call 912-604-3007 or book online. More details

“Evening Pirate Pub Crawl” (21+) 1hr30. With Steve Ellis, Savannah Walking History Tours. Call 912-631-1004 for reservations. $25 per person. More details

Haunted Savannah Pub Crawl (21+) 1hr30-2hrs. With Full Moon Tours. Pub tours with some ghost stories. Three tours available: Happy Hour Tour, Spirits With Spirits (Monday, Thursday and Friday, 1hr45, $25 per person); Haunted Savannah Pub Crawl (Monday and Thursday-Saturday, 1hr30, $15 per person); Half Haunted Half History Savannah Pub Crawl (Monday and Thursday-Saturday, 2hrs, $25 per person). Reservations required. Text 515-992-0519 or book online. More details

“Ghost City Pub Crawl” (21+) 1hr30. With Ghost City Tours. Haunted pub crawl. Tuesday-Saturday, 9pm. $24.95 per person. Reservations required. Call 888-859-5375 or book online. More details

“Haunted Pub Tour” (21+) 2hrs. With Cool Savannah Tours & Gifts. Narrated haunted pub crawl. Daily, 7:15pm. $25 per person. Reservations required. Call 912-231-3571 or book online. More details

“Boos and Brews Ghost Tour” (21+) 2hrs. With Tara Tours. Ghost stories and pub crawl. Daily, 8pm. $25 per person. Reservations required. Call 912-209-0919 or book online. More details

“Haunted ‘Happy Hour’ Ghost Tour” (adults only). With Tara Tours. Tour of Savannah’s haunted history, with drink stops. Friday-Saturday, 5:30pm. $25 per person. Reservations required. Call 912-209-0919 or book online. More details

“Creepy Crawl” (21+) 2hrs30. With Walking Tours Savannah. Pub tour with ghost stories. $24.99 per person, $2 online discount. Daily, 8pm. Reservations required. Call 912-238-3843 or book online. More details

“Haunted Savannah Pub Crawl” (21+) 2hrs. With Haunted Savannah Tours. Monday-Saturday, 9pm. $25 per person. Reservations required. Call 912-445-5027 or book online. More details


Savannah’s Haunted Pubs & Bars

Malevolent Spirits

1790 Inn – Kissie, who frequents this establishment’s kitchens, is said to be among the most vicious ghosts to haunt Savannah, but far more famous is Anna, a young woman who, jilted by her lover, took her own life in a jump from a third-story balcony. Since then, Anna has occupied herself by rocking chairs, opening windows and walking up and down the old inn’s corridors.

Moon River Brewing Company – A ghost is reputed to have pushed a woman down the stairs in the upper part of this building, with other ghostly happenings including items flying off shelves and sightings of shadowy figures.


Churchill’s Gastropub – Next door to the Moon River Brewing Company are more reports of hauntings: some people claim to have seen the silhouette of a figure hanging from the ceiling beams, said to be the ghost of man who long ago took his life here.

The Pirates’ House – One of Savannah’s oldest buildings, the Pirates’ House, on the very eastern edge of the Historic District, is said to be haunted by the spirits of kidnapped sailors, taken drunk and incapacitated from the bar and waking up as forced laborers many miles from shore.

The Olde Pink House – Another of Savannah’s oldest buildings, the Olde Pink House was built by James Habersham in the late 18th century. It is said to be haunted by the ghost of his son, James Habersham Jr. Other ghostly figures have been seen here too, including a crying woman and young children of the house’s slaves.


The Shrimp Factory – This restaurant, located in a former warehouse building, is believed to be home to a ghost, nicknamed “Joe,” of whom little is known besides his penchant for rum. Reportedly, when the supply of rum in the liquor storage room is allowed to run out, Joe (who is usually experienced mostly as a sense of cold or a presence), breaks the empty bottles in displeasure.

Tondee’s Tavern – Another lightly haunted establishment, with occasional reports of an eerie presence and surveillance footage of mysterious lights.

B&D Burgers (West Congress Street) – In addition to unexplained lights on surveillance videos, there have been reports of eerie voices and scents, and objects pushed over by an unseen force.

B Matthews Eatery – Said to be located near the head of old tunnels leading from the river, ghostly encounters at this restaurant include moved tools, thrown objects and the sense of an invisible presence.