Jacksonville To Savannah

A row of colourful frame houses in Savannah's lower Historic District.

Savannah is only 140 miles up the coast from Jacksonville and total travel time is generally somewhat less than 3 hours, making Savannah an easy day or weekend trip out of the Florida city.

As no non-stop commercial flights are available between Jacksonville and Savannah, driving is usually the fastest and easiest means of travel, but direct bus and train services offer a reasonably convenient alternative for non-drivers.

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The drive between Jacksonville and Savannah is around 140 miles, a little over 2 hours in good traffic. The route is very straightforward, following the I-95 north out of Jacksonville until it reaches the outskirts of Savannah, then onto the I-16 for the couple of remaining miles into the city.


No non-stop flights are currently available between Jacksonville and Savannah. Given the short distance separating the two cities, and the several alternative transport options, this will usually not be a convenient way to travel between them.

Minimum travel time is more than 3 hours (connecting in Charlotte, NC or Atlanta), and flights will usually cost several hundred dollars. The travel time on (slightly) cheaper tickets is generally somewhat longer, and often requires two connections.

By Train

Small pets in carriers welcome, fee applies

Amtrak provides direct train services between Jacksonville and Savannah, with two trips in each direction daily. The journey takes around 2 hours 15 minutes, but please note that delays are possible.

The regular train fare between Jacksonville and Savannah is around $35 each way ($70 round trip). A discount of around $15 off the round trip price is often available on tickets purchased more than two weeks ahead of travel.

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Jacksonville To Savannah

Two trains, one evening and one night, leave Jacksonville northbound for Savannah daily. The evening Silver Meteor service departs Jacksonville at 5:07pm, arriving in Savannah at 7:23pm. The night Silver Star service leaves Jacksonville at 11:03pm, arriving in Savannah at 1:16am.

Savannah To Jacksonville

Two trains, both early morning, leave Savannah for Jacksonville each day. The earlier Silver Star service departs Savannah at 4:18am and arrives in Jacksonville at 6:39am. The later Silver Meteor service leaves Savannah at 6:40am, arriving in Jacksonville at 9:09am.

Station Addresses & Connecting Transport

Train travel between Jacksonville and Savannah is between the following locations:

Jacksonville Amtrak station at 3570 Clifford Lane, Jacksonville, FL 32209, 5 miles from downtown Jacksonville (see on map). The Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA)’s bus Route 3 connects the Amtrak station to downtown.

Savannah Amtrak station at 2611 Seaboard Coastline Drive, 3 miles west of the Historic District (See location on map). Taxi and limited bus services are available to and from the station. Read more about getting to Savannah’s train station


Jacksonville To Savannah By Bus

No pets allowed, service animals only

Intercity bus service is available between Jacksonville and Savannah, with several trips in each direction daily, and travel time roughly comparable to driving time. Most journeys are of around 2 hours and 15 minutes, although some routes that detour to Hinesville take over 3 hours.

The bus stations at either end of the journey are located in or adjacent to the cities’ respective downtowns, making the bus an easy and convenient mode of travel for many visitors.

Expect to pay around $20-$30 each way ($540-$60 round trip) for the cheapest online economy fare, depending on time of day and day of travel. Tickets can cost a few dollars more around holidays, and will usually be somewhat more expensive if bought at the bus terminal prior to travel.

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Jacksonville To Savannah

Bus services from Jacksonville to Savannah are direct, with six departures daily.

Two very early morning buses leave Jacksonville at 3:05am (arrives Savannah 5:20am, 2hrs15 travel time) and 3:30am (5:45am, 2hrs15).

A later morning departure is at 9:25am, arriving in Savannah at 12:55pm (3hrs30 travel time). Late afternoon and evening buses leave Jacksonville at 4:10pm (arrives in Savannah at 6:50pm, 2hrs40); 5:30pm (7:45pm, 2hrs15); and 10:45pm (1am, 2hrs15).

Savannah To Jacksonville

Six daily services are available on this route too, none of which requires a transfer. Some routes take around an hour longer than others, as they detour to Hinesville, GA.

One very early morning bus leaves Savannah at 2:10am (arrives in Jacksonville at 4:25am, journey time 2hrs15). Other morning buses depart Savannah at 6:05am (8:20am, 2hrs15) and 9:35am (1:05pm, 3hrs30). Two afternoon buses set out at 1:55pm (arrives in Jacksonville at 4:55pm, 3hrs) and 5:20pm (7:35pm, 2hr15). An additional night-time departure is at 12:10am (2:30am, 2hr20).

Station Addresses & Connecting Transport

Bus travel between Savannah and Jacksonville is between the following locations:

Jacksonville Greyhound Station at 10 North Pearl Street, in downtown Jacksonville (see on map). The station connects with public bus services and the free Jacksonville Skyway monorail.

Savannah Greyhound station at 610 West Oglethorpe Avenue (see on map). The bus station is directly adjacent to downtown Savannah, and easily reached by public transit, taxi, or on foot.