Bus Travel To Savannah, GA

Travel by bus can provide a convenient, budget-conscious and environmentally-friendly way of getting to Savannah. If you do not intend to drive, it is the cheapest mode of transport, with journey times comparable to making the trip by train.

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Buses to Savannah

Greyhound and Southeastern Stages provide intercity bus services to Savannah.

Southeastern Stages operates between cities in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina only. It is an affiliate of Greyhound, and is the provider for several services sold through Greyhound within this region. Greyhound offers travel from cities across the United States (plus Canada and Mexico), including connections with major airports.

Services available from selected cities to Savannah are as follows:

Charleston, SC: one direct trip daily, 2hrs-2hrs15. ~$35 each way, or from ~$25 advance purchase. Other options for travel between Charleston and Savannah
Atlanta, GA (services to airport available): multiple direct trips daily, 4hrs30 (please note that one trip, though direct, takes very substantially longer than the others). ~$65 each way, or from ~$35 advance purchase. Other options for travel between Atlanta and Savannah
Jacksonville, FL: multiple direct trips daily, 2hrs15-3hrs30. ~$45 each way, or from ~$20 advance purchase.
Miami, FL (services to airport available): multiple trips daily (some require transfers), 11hrs30-18hrs30. ~$105 each way, or from ~$60 advance purchase. Other options for travel between Miami and Savannah
Orlando, FL: multiple direct trips daily, 5hrs30-7hrs45. ~$70 each way, or from ~$25 advance purchase.
Birmingham, AL: multiple trips daily (transfer required), 8hrs-9hrs15. ~$100 each way, or from ~$50 advance purchase.
Nashville, TN: multiple trips daily (transfer required), 9hrs30-14hrs. ~$140 each way, or from ~$65 advance purchase. Other options for travel between Nashville and Savannah
New York, NY: multiple trips daily (some require transfers), 16hrs45-22hrs15. ~$150 each way, or from ~$80 advance purchase.


Booking & Travel Information

How To Buy Tickets

If you are purchasing tickets through Greyhound, there are several options for how to do this, the most convenient of which are as follows:

Online Buy tickets on the Greyhound website. You can either print your tickets at home or collect them at the station (in which case you will need the reference number, photo ID and the credit card you used to pay). If you are traveling from an unstaffed stop rather than a station, print the tickets ahead of time if you will not be able to pick them up from an alternative station.

At the station Buy tickets at the station, either at the ticket office or from a self-service kiosk.

By phone Call Greyhound at 1-800-231-2222. Your tickets can be emailed to you, or you can pick them up at the station. This option is only available for customers within the United States.

More details about ways to collect and pay for tickets here and full information about the different fares available here.

Getting The Best Price

Cheaper fares are available with advance purchase, the cheapest of all through advance purchase online. The discount available varies, from a few dollars to around half off the walk-up fare. To get the lowest prices, try to make reservations at least 7 days in advance, but please note that discounted advance tickets carry a $20 fee to amend the journey time or date, and that priority boarding is given to passengers with the more expensive ticket types.

Discounts are also available for groups of 2 or 3 people, children accompanying adults, students, military and veterans, and seniors. Please note that discounted fares may not apply to all ticket types.

Lower fares may sometimes be available for journeys made midweek. See latest promotions


One piece of carry-on baggage, up to 25lb (11kg) is allowed per passenger, free of charge. It must fit under the seat in front or in the overhead compartment.

Either one or two items of checked baggage (depending on fare type), which will go in the compartment underneath the bus, are also allowed, free of charge, for each passenger. Each checked bag can weigh up to 50lb (22.5kg). Adding together the length, width and height of the bag, the total must also be less than 62 inches (157cm). One additional piece of checked baggage can be brought for a fee of $15. For more details about baggage and restrictions, including items that may not be carried onto the bus, see here.

Traveling With Pets

Greyhound do not allow dogs or other pets to ride on their buses, with the exception of trained service animals.

Other Travel Information

Greyhound recommends arriving at the station one hour before the scheduled departure time. Boarding begins 15 minutes before scheduled departure time: your ticket may be reallocated if you have not yet arrived by this time.

Restroom breaks are available every 2 hours during most journeys.

Station Information

Savannah’s station is open 24 hours, daily. Ticket office hours are 12:30am-10:30pm, daily. More station information at Greyhound’s website

Safety Most journeys by bus are made without incident, but it is advisable to pay attention to your surroundings when in the vicinity of the station and to keep a close eye on your luggage.

Getting To And From Savannah’s Bus Station

Address 610 West Oglethorpe Avenue, Savannah, GA 31401
GPS coordinates N 32.079160, W -081.100122

Savannah’s Greyhound station is located on West Oglethorpe Avenue, immediately west of the Historic District and a few blocks from the Visitors Center. It operates out of the same site as the city’s public transit station. See on map


A taxi ride to most Historic District locations will be about $5-$10, including tip. The fare to Tybee Island will be around $45-$50. To Savannah’s Midtown area, expect to pay around $15-$20, and to the vicinity of the airport, about $25-$30.

Public transport

For daytime bus journey arrivals and departures, Savannah’s Greyhound station is very conveniently situated for completing your trip by public transport.

The Greyhound station is located on the same site as Savannah’s Joe Murray Rivers, Jr Intermodal Transit Center, from which most Chatham Area Transit (CAT) public bus services depart, as does the city’s fare-free express shuttle which tours the Historic District. Get directions by public transport from the Greyhound/public transit station

Savannah’s public bus services operate 5:30am-12:30am weekdays and Saturdays, with shorter hours on Sundays and holidays. Please note, however, that several intercity bus services to and from Savannah have arrival or departure times outside of this period. Service frequency on most routes ranges from 30 minutes to 2 hours between buses. More about public transport in Savannah and the free downtown shuttle

See the CAT system map or the free shuttle route map.


Depending on where you are staying (and your arrival time), it may not be far to walk from Savannah’s Greyhound station, which is located just on the western border of the Historic District. Pay attention to your surroundings if walking in the evening or at night. Get walking directions from the station