Savannah From New York

Flights between New York City and Savannah are readily available and often surprisingly cheap, making the southern city an ideal destination for a long weekend away.

If you prefer not to fly, the journey time will be rather longer, averaging roughly 14 hours by car (and that without many stops or significant traffic), 16 hours by train and 18 hours by bus, the latter two exclusive of travel time to and from the departing and arriving stations.

!The information below is correct as of June 2017, but please verify all details before planning your trip.



Four airlines offer direct flights between the New York area and Savannah. Delta fly from LaGuardia and JFK and jetBlue fly from JFK. Alternatively, Allegiant and United fly from nearby Newark Liberty International Airport.

Flight time in all cases is around the two and a half hour mark, varying by about 20 minutes depending on airline and route. The cheapest flights start at around $80 round trip, and should usually be less than $200.

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It is around 800 miles from New York to Savannah by road, a long but straightforward drive. Take the I-95, southbound, out of New York. 12 to 14 hours of driving later (plus breaks), you will find yourself in Hardeeville, SC, a few miles north of Savannah. From there, change from the I-95 onto US-17, which will take you the remaining 16 miles into the city.


No pets (service animals welcome) unless journey is broken into shorter legs

If you don’t mind a long journey, the train offers a reasonably priced alternative to driving or flying between New York and Savannah.

Amtrak provides direct passenger train services between the two cities, with three trips in each direction daily. The journey takes from 15 to 17.5 hours, depending on the service selected. Please note, however, that delays are common on most Amtrak services.

The cheapest advance fares are around $110 each way ($220 round trip), and otherwise $135-$225 each way ($270-$450 round trip). Reservations should be made at least several weeks ahead of travel to secure the lowest-priced seats. Sleeper cars are also usually available on this route, at additional cost.

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The following information is for services into New York City’s Penn Station.

New York To Savannah

Three trains, two morning and one afternoon, leave New York daily for Savannah. The Palmetto service leaves New York at 6:02am, arriving in Savannah at 9:04pm. The Silver Star train (which takes two hours longer than the others) leaves New York at 11:02am, arriving in Savannah at 4:13am the next day. The Silver Meteor train departs New York at 3:15pm, arriving in Savannah at 6:34am the following day.

Savannah To New York

Three trains, one late night, one morning and one evening, leave Savannah for New York each day. The Silver Star service (again two hours longer than the others) departs Savannah at 1:22am, arriving in New York at 6:50pm. The Palmetto train leaves Savannah at 8:20am, arriving in New York at 11:56pm. The Silver Meteor train leaves Savannah at 7:31pm, arriving in New York at 11am the following day.

Station Locations

Savannah’s Amtrak station is at 2611 Seaboard Coastline Drive, 3 miles west of downtown Savannah (see location on map). Onward travel is either by taxi, rideshare or an occasional bus service.

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New York’s Penn Station is at 8th Avenue and West 31st Street (see on map). The station is conveniently accessible by public transit.



No pets allowed, service animals only

Greyhound provide intercity bus services between New York and Savannah. Journey times are a little longer than the train, averaging around 18 and a half hours. If buying tickets sufficiently in advance, there is a moderate cost saving over the train (though please note that this is not the case if you intend to buy tickets at the station on the day of travel), but otherwise the bus will be the inferior option for most travelers.

The regular walk-up economy fare is around $180-$200 each way depending on the service chosen ($360-$400 round trip). In most cases you can get a substantial discount by purchasing tickets in advance, with online economy fares starting around $70-$80 each way ($140-$160 round trip) for weekday travel. Weekend and especially, holiday weekend tickets can be more expensive.

Atlanta Tours and Star Line Express also provide bus services between Savannah and New York, through Goto Bus. The online fare, at around $70 per person each way, is comparable to Greyhound’s cheapest advance fare, with an additional discount if both directions of travel are with the same provider. Please note, however, that the arrival bus stop is located just off the I-95, 15 miles outside of Savannah itself.

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From New York To Savannah

Traveling with Greyhound from New York to Savannah, there are usually five services each day, some of which do not require a transfer. Morning, afternoon and late evening departures are available most days.

Departure and arrival time may occasionally vary slightly, but usually, services leave New York at 7:30am (arriving in Savannah at 1:55am next day), 11am (5:35am next day), 3pm (9:05am next day), 9:30pm (4:40pm next day) and 10:30pm (4:40pm next day).

Traveling with Atlanta Tours/Star Line Express (Goto Bus) from New York to Savannah, four evening departures are available. Buses leave New York at 6pm (arriving in Savannah at 8:15am the next day), 6:35pm (10am next day), 7pm (9:15am next day) and 7:45pm (11:50am next day).

From Savannah To New York

There are usually five daily services leaving Savannah for New York daily, with several direct services available. Some advertised routes leaving Savannah on a service that would otherwise be direct require a transfer onto another bus along the way. As the connecting bus leaves the transfer point very slightly earlier, a few minutes are shaved off the total travel time, but at the risk of missing that connection in the case of delays.

Departures from Savannah are usually at 1:30am (arriving in New York at 7:10pm), 5:50am (12:35am next day), 6:30am (7am next day), 1:35pm (7am next day) and 8:15pm (3:30pm next day).

Four daily evening departures are also available via Goto Bus. Buses leave Savannah at 7:05pm (arriving in New York 9:30am the next day), 7:30pm (10am next day), 8:30pm (11am next day) and 9pm (11:46am next day).

Station Locations

Savannah’s Greyhound bus station is conveniently located next to downtown. For more information about getting to and from the station, see here.

Bus services via Goto Bus stop at 1A Gateway Boulevard/1 Gateway Boulevard South (see on map) on the outskirts of Savannah, 15 miles from the downtown Historic District. An infrequent public bus service, Chatham Area Transit’s Route 17, connects this location to downtown, running every hour Monday-Saturday and every 2 hours on Sundays.

New York City has several Greyhound stations, located at 101 6th Avenue and 625 8th Avenue in Manhattan, and at 206 Livingstone Street in Brooklyn. All are easily accessible via public transit.

The alternative bus services go from 95 Canal Street (Star Line, see on map) or 127 East Broadway Street (Atlanta Tours, see on map) in New York, both in Lower Manhattan and easily accessible via public transit.