Flying To Savannah

Savannah is conveniently situated for air travel, with the Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport, used by most long-distance visitors to the city, located 12 miles north-west of the downtown Historic District.

Other regional airports (see below) may be more convenient if you are planning to include a visit to one of the several other vacation destinations in Georgia or lower South Carolina, including several airports (at Atlanta, GA, Orlando, FL and Charlotte, NC) which receive direct international flights.

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!The information below was last updated in February 2018. Please verify all details before planning your trip.


Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport

For most visitors, this will be the most convenient airport to fly to if you are visiting Savannah. It is the main regional airport used to reach Savannah and the nearby cities and resorts of Tybee Island, Hilton Head, parts of coastal Georgia and lower South Carolina.

– More about airport connections to Savannah and vicinity, or transport options between Savannah and its airport and Tybee Island or Hilton Head.

Airlines and Routes

Direct flights to Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport are available from the following cities and airlines. Connections to most other major domestic and international cities are available. Please note that some services only operate during the peak (spring through fall) tourist season.

Currently, no direct flights operate between Savannah and any West Coast airports.

Atlanta: Year-round, Delta.
Baltimore: Seasonal only, Allegiant.
Boston: Year-round, jetBlue.
Charlotte: Year-round, American Airlines.
Chicago: Year-round, United and seasonal only, American Airlines (both to O’Hare).
Cincinnati: Seasonal only, Allegiant.
Cleveland: Seasonal only, Allegiant.
Columbus, OH: Seasonal only, Allegiant.
Dallas/Fort Worth: Year-round, American Airlines.
Denver: Seasonal only, Frontier Airlines.
Detroit: Year-round, Delta.
Houston: Year-round, United.
Indianapolis: Seasonal only, Allegiant.
Lexington: Seasonal only, Allegiant.
Louisville: Seasonal only, Allegiant.
Miami: Year-round, American Airlines (from June 2018).
Minneapolis/St Paul: Seasonal only, Delta and Sun Country Airlines.
Newark: Year-round, United and seasonal only, Allegiant.
New York: Year-round, Delta (to LaGuardia and JFK) and jetBlue (to JFK).
Philadelphia: Seasonal only, American Airlines and Frontier Airlines.
Pittsburgh: Seasonal only, Allegiant.
Toronto: Seasonal only, Air Canada.
Washington, DC: Year-round, American Airlines (to Reagan National) and United (to Dulles).

Alternative Airports

If you want the cheapest flights or a particular airline, are planning on including destinations other than Savannah in your visit to the Georgia or lower South Carolina coast, or do not want to have to make a connection, several other airports may provide suitable alternatives to flying to Savannah itself.

International & Domestic Flights

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Atlanta’s Hartfield-Jackson International Airport is probably the most convenient option for direct international flights, and for many direct domestic flights too.

From Atlanta, it is 250 miles (4hrs-4hrs30) to Savannah, either by rental car, Greyhound bus, or taxi and equivalents, all available directly from the airport. If the bus departure times match up with your scheduled arrival time, this can in some cases offer a very substantial saving over a connecting flight from Atlanta to Savannah, although at the expense of some additional inconvenience. More about getting to Savannah from Atlanta


Orlando International Airport

Orlando International Airport is one of the cheaper American airports to fly into, especially for international visitors, and may be a suitable alternative to Savannah’s airport if you intend to visit northern Florida or the lower Georgia coast on your vacation.

Orlando is 300 miles (4hrs30-5hrs by road) from Savannah, and 230 miles (3hrs30-4hrs) from Brunswick and the Golden Isles. From the city of Orlando (not the airport), bus or train travel to Savannah and bus travel only to Brunswick is available, in addition to car rental services at the airport. More about getting to Savannah from Orlando

Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Charlotte Douglas International Airport (in North Carolina) will for many people be the least convenient of the international southeastern airports for visits to Savannah and the coast.

Charlotte is 250 miles (around 4 hours or so by road) from Savannah. Bus travel from the city (not the airport) to Savannah is also available; the trip will take around 6 hours. More about getting to Savannah from Charlotte

Domestic Flights Only

Jacksonville International Airport

Jacksonville’s airport is marginally nearer to some areas of the lower Georgia coast than Savannah’s. The Brunswick-Golden Isles region is 60 miles from the Jacksonville airport, compared to 75 miles to the Savannah airport. Cumberland Island is nearer still.

Bus travel is available between Jacksonville (city, not airport) and Brunswick or Savannah. Rail services are available between Jacksonville and Savannah. More about getting to Savannah from Jacksonville

Brunswick Golden Isles Airport

If you intend to visit the Brunswick-Jekyll-St Simons Island region (collectively known as the Golden Isles), it may be practical to fly directly into Brunswick, which has a small airport offering daily direct scheduled flights to and from Atlanta only, provided by Delta Air Lines.

If you later plan on visiting Savannah, transport by bus (Greyhound out of Brunswick), taxi or ride-share is available in addition to car rental services. The journey from the Golden Isles region to Savannah takes around 90 minutes by car and 2 hours by bus.

Charleston International Airport

Many visitors to Savannah also want to see Charleston, South Carolina during their vacation. If you choose to fly into Charleston’s airport, rather than Savannah, it is easy to get between the two cities, which are separated by only 100 miles.

Savannah can be reached from Charleston (and vice versa) by either bus or train, in addition to taxi, shared-ride shuttle and car rental services. The journey time is around 2 hours or so, by any of these methods.

More about getting to Charleston from Savannah