Savannah To Hilton Head

Harbour Town Lighthouse and marina at Hilton Head Island, SC.

Hilton Head, around 30 miles from Savannah and 100 miles from Charleston (see on map) is a popular barrier island vacation destination in lower South Carolina.

Most people drive to Hilton Head, but it is also reasonably easy to get to by plane, via nearby Savannah (several options for completing your journey to Hilton Head are available out of Savannah’s airport). Less convenient, but still feasible, is travel by train or intercity bus, in both cases requiring a connection from a nearby city (usually, again, Savannah).

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The easiest way to get to Hilton Head Island is to drive. Car rental services are available at Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport or at any other major airport or city, though you may not need a car once on Hilton Head itself unless you plan on sightseeing off the island. Get directions

Approximate distances and driving times from selected regional cities, each way (assuming the traffic is not too bad), are as follows:
From Savannah, GA: 30 miles, 45-60 minutes (or 34 miles from the airport).
From Atlanta, GA: 280 miles, 4hrs-4hrs30.
From Jacksonville, FL: 170 miles, 2hrs30-3hrs.
From Charleston, SC: 100 miles, 2hrs15.
From Charlotte, NC : 250 miles, 4hrs-4hrs40.

Taxi & Ride Share

If you don’t drive or will not have a car for your visit, a taxi or equivalent service is the easiest way to get to Hilton Head Island.

From Savannah’s airport, there is a flat rate taxi fare of $80 to the north end of the island, and $85 to the south end (excluding tip). Passengers in excess of 2 will attract an additional fare of $10 per extra person. See details

Ride-sharing companies Uber and Lyft also serve the Savannah-Hilton Head area, with basic fares starting from around $50 each way.

Both services can be used directly from Savannah’s airport to Hilton Head, but please note that some of the island’s gated communities charge additional fees for drop-off, and that return journey pick-up may not always be available from within these gated resorts.



The small Hilton Head Airport receives a single scheduled passenger service, from Charlotte, NC.

Most visitors traveling to Hilton Head instead fly to Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport, from which there are several options (taxi, ride share, or rental car) for continuing your journey to Hilton Head.

Charleston International Airport is an alternative, but it is about twice as far (2 hours or so by road) from Hilton Head as Savannah, and has fewer options for completing your journey.

By Bus

Intercity bus services do not currently operate to Hilton Head Island. Two nearby cities are served by bus: Savannah and Beaufort, SC, both within 35 miles (around an hour by road) of Hilton Head.

From Savannah, it is easy to get to Hilton Head, using either a taxi or ride share service or rental car. From Beaufort, there is also the option of using the limited public bus service to Hilton Head, provided by Palmetto Breeze Transit.

By Train

No train service is available to Hilton Head Island itself. The nearest passenger rail stations are at Savannah (Palmetto, Silver Star or Silver Meteor routes) or the small city of Yemassee, SC (Palmetto and Silver Meteor routes only).

Savannah is the nearer of the two to Hilton Head, about 30 miles compared to 50 miles from Yemassee.

In most cases, it is better to travel to Savannah, from which there is a wider range of options for continuing your journey to Hilton Head.

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