June Weather In Savannah

Carved lion figures at the base of the Oglethorpe Monument in Savannah, GA.

By June, Savannah’s hot and humid subtropical summers are in full swing. The average high is 90 degrees, with temperatures hitting 100 degrees on the hottest days. The humidity is often oppressive, and can stay high through the night.

June is usually a sunny month, and the area’s beaches and waterways are popular at this time of year. Afternoon rain showers and thunderstorms are extremely common through the summer, so any outdoor activities you choose should be planned around this possibility. Indoor attractions are a good choice on the hottest days.

Through June, temperatures usually rise quickly in the morning and stay warm well into the evening, so there will not usually be a great need to pack much besides warm-weather clothing. Try to choose fabrics and clothing that will help you stay cool.

High-factor sunscreen is a necessity for all complexions in Savannah in June. Insect repellent is strongly advised for outdoor activities, particularly at nature sites near water, and an umbrella is useful too.

June marks the beginning of hurricane season in Georgia, so if you are making your travel arrangements ahead of time, you may wish to purchase appropriate insurance. In the event of a dangerous storm, follow all local guidance and be prepared to evacuate if necessary.

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Temperature & Humidity


The daily maximum temperature in Savannah in June averages 90°F (32°C), with the lowest daily highs being around 77-82°F (25-28°C), up to around 97-99°F (36-37°C) on the hottest days.

You can expect the temperature to exceed 90°F (32°C) on roughly half to two thirds of days each month, with the daily high staying below 85°F (30°C) on only a few days during the average June.

In the morning, temperatures are between 70-85°F (21-29°C), with the temperature in the early to late evening usually roughly the same as it was that morning. Overnight lows are in the range of 65-80°F (18-27°C).


The weather generally feels extremely humid in June, during both day and night.

Sea Temperature

Surface water temperature in June at the beaches near Savannah is around 77-82°F (24-29°C), ideal for swimming and watersports.


Sunshine, Clouds & Rain

The average June in Savannah has 9 hours of sunshine each day. Rainfall for the month totals an average of 6 inches, with rain occurring on an average of 12 days.

June in Savannah is predominantly sunny. Around a third or so of June days are clear or mostly clear throughout the day, with overcast days being rare. Most of the remaining days in June see extended periods of sun, punctuated by one of area’s frequent late afternoon or evening summer thunderstorms, or by occasional periods of cloudiness.

The UV index in Savannah in June averages 10.

Wind speeds in Savannah in June average a little under 7mph, with 3-7 days each month with minimal wind, and speeds on windier days seldom exceeding 15mph.

Daylight Hours


In June, the sun rises at around 6:20am. It begins to get light in the morning at around 5:40am.


The sun sets at around 8:25pm at the start of the month, and at around 8:35pm by its end. It should be dark by around 8:55pm at the beginning of the month, and by 9pm at its end.

Day Length

The amount of full daylight in June averages around 14 hours and 15 minutes per day, plus an additional 25-35 minutes of low light at the beginning and end of the day.