July Weather In Savannah

Boats on the Skidaway River at Isle of Hope, Savannah, GA, at sunset.

July in Savannah is hot and oppressively humid. The average daily high is in the low 90s: even on the coolest days, the thermometer reaches well into the 80s, and up to 100 degrees on the hottest days. During hotter years, the temperature can reach 90 every single day through the month.

Despite the weather, visitors flock to Savannah during the summer months. Watersports, beaches and water-based activities are popular through the summer; on the hottest days, air-conditioned indoor attractions provide a welcome relief from the heat.

Pack clothes suitable for hot and humid weather. It stays warm well into the night, so you won’t usually need much in the way of outerwear this month. An umbrella is useful for the afternoon rain showers that are common through July. High-factor sunscreen is a necessity, and insect repellent is strongly advised.

July falls within Savannah’s hurricane season: consider taking out appropriate insurance if you are booking your travel in advance. In the event of a hurricane or dangerous storm during your visit, follow all local advice and be prepared to evacuate if necessary.

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Temperature & Humidity


The daily maximum temperature in Savannah in July averages 92°F (33.5°C), with the lowest daily highs being around 82-86°F (28-30°C), up to around 99°F (37°C) on the hottest days.

In an average year, you can expect the temperature to exceed 90°F (32°C) on at least half of days each month, usually more. In exceptionally hot years, the daily high can stay above 90°F (32°C) for the entire duration of July. Don’t expect more than the occasional day or two during this month in which the daily high stays below 85°F (30°C)

In the mid morning, temperatures are around 75-85°F (24-29°C), with evening temperatures usually within a few degrees of the morning temperature that day. Typical lows are in the mid 70s (around 23-24°C).


The weather is oppressively humid through most of July, both during the day and the night.

Sea Temperature

Surface water temperature in July at the beaches near Savannah is around 82-84°F (27-30°C), perfect for swimming and watersports.


Sunshine, Clouds & Rain

The average July in Savannah has 9 hours of sunshine each day. Rainfall for the month totals an average of 5.6 inches, with rain occurring on an average of 12-13 days.

July weather in Savannah is predominantly sunny, with around a third of days being either clear or mostly clear all day. Except for the very occasional day that is mostly overcast, most other days in July offer a mix of sunny weather interspersed with either occasional periods of cloud, or afternoon to late afternoon thunderstorms and rain showers.

The UV index in Savannah in July averages 10.

Wind speeds in Savannah in July average around 6.5mph, with 5-10 days each month with only a light or no breeze. Wind speeds rarely exceed around 15mph.

Daylight Hours


In July, the sun rises at around 6:20am at the beginning of the month and at 6:40am at the end of the month. It begins to get light in the morning at 5:55am at the start of the month, and by 6:10am at the end.


The sun sets at around 8:35pm at the start of the month, and at around 8:20pm by its end. It should be dark by around 9pm at the beginning of the month, and by 8:50pm at its end.

Day Length

The amount of full daylight in July averages around 14 hours per day, plus an additional 25-30 minutes of low light at the beginning and again at the end of the day.