River Street Shops

A flower-laden cart outside a tourist shop along Savannah's River Street.

If you are looking for a souvenir of your trip to Savannah, a perusal of the shops along River Street will probably turn something up.

Of the several dozen shops along the riverfront, most specialize in souvenirs and gifts, with Savannah-themed mugs, towels, hats, clothes and anything else you could think of available for purchase along the length of the street.

Gifts to take home to friends and family range from more upmarket locally-produced cookies, sweets and other food items, through decorative tableware and other things for the house, right down to mass-produced trinkets in sometimes questionable taste.

River Street also offers a small selection of less wholeheartedly tourist-oriented shops, including a handful of local and chain clothes stores, and a couple of galleries selling local art.

If you are looking for antiques or something a little bit fancier, you may also like to try Factors Walk, accessible from River Street via various old staircases, ramps and narrow alleys, or using the elevator behind City Hall.

Opening hours for most of the shops along River Street are from 10am to 9pm or so at night, but please be aware that posted hours in Savannah are sometimes more of a guide than a promise.

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!Please check hours and other details directly with any establishment(s) you plan to visit before setting out.

East River Street Shops, To The Abercorn Street Ramp

– River Street Sweets, 13 East River Street
The oldest sweets shop in Savannah (now a small regional chain), selling pralines, chocolates, baked goods, many flavors of taffy and a wide range of other confectioneries. Visit website

– Sona’s Souvenirs & Gifts, 17 East River Street
Clothing and souvenirs.

– Forever Smile, 25 East River Street
Clothing and souvenirs.

– Washed Ashore, 23 East River Street
Clothing store selling branded beach and casual wear.

– Arts & Crafts Emporium, 40 East Lower Factors Walk
This art gallery, entered via a set of stairs under the Cotton Exchange building off River Street, displays works by over 100 American artists, including many from Savannah and the lowcountry.

– True Grits, 107 East River Street
Clothing, gifts and souvenirs, many with a nautical theme. Visit website

– Cassandra’s Jewelry, 115 East River Street
Locally-owned shop selling both international and local antique jewelry, plus accessories and clothes. Visit website

– River’s Sense, 117 East River Street
Gifts, novelty items and souvenirs.

– The Mad Hatter, 123 East River Street
Local store selling all kinds of hats. Visit website

Far East River Street Shops, Past The Abercorn Street Ramp

– The Cinnamon Bear Country Store, 205 East River Street
Micro-chain store selling homewares, gifts and accessories, plus ice cream and specialty food products. Visit website

– Fabulous Finds, 207 East River Street
Locally-owned budget clothing store selling women’s clothes and accessories. Visit website

– Gallery 209, 209 East River Street
This gallery, established more than 40 years ago, stocks a wide selection of works by local artists, including paintings, sculpture, photography, jewelry and more, with many works depicting local street scenes and landscapes. Visit website

– Savannah’s Candy Kitchen, 225 East River Street
Large sweet shop selling an enormous range of southern confectioneries and cakes. Now with several stores in Savannah and the South, the original River Street location has been open for more than three decades. Visit website

– The Gift Shack: Savannah’s Sea Shell Shop, 2 Lincoln Street
This shop, facing on the Lincoln Street Ramp at River Street, sells a large selection of shells from over the world, plus other marine-themed products and imported craft items.

– Simply Savannah, 301 East River Street
Large shop selling a good range of souvenir items, clothing and gifts.

– Bob’s Your Uncle & Fannie’s Your Aunt, 305 East River Street
The precursor to this store was established here in 1972. Fannie’s Your Aunt, on the ground floor, sells clothing, books and souvenirs. Bob’s Your Uncle, upstairs, sells Life is Good and other clothing. Visit website

– The Peanut Shop of Savannah, 407 East River Street
Micro-chain store selling flavored nut snacks, and nut-based chocolates and gifts. Visit website

– Five & Dime, 411 East River Street
Large chain store selling tourist and travel items, clothing and souvenirs. Visit website

– River Street Market Place, 502 East River Street
On the river side of the road is the River Street Market Place, a covered open-air market designed in imitation of the market sheds that once stood on the street in the 19th century. Like many places on River Street, this is tourist oriented, and sells a mix of commercial, internationally sourced trinkets and some local and hand made items. Visit website

– Byrd’s Famous Cookies, 423 East River Street
Byrd’s Cookies have been selling cookies in Savannah in an assortment of southern-inspired flavors since 1924, with the River Street location the newest of several local stores. Visit website

– Woof Gang Bakery, 425a East River Street
Chain store selling pet treats and products, with several other stores in downtown Savannah. Visit website

– River Street Liquor, 425 East River Street
This tiny shop claims to be the world’s smallest liquor store, selling liquors, beers and to-go drinks. Open until 11:45pm (11:30pm on Sundays). Visit website

– Savannah Tees Outlet, 429 East River Street
Savannah-themed clothing and other souvenirs.

– Something Different, 505 East River Street
Gift store stocking more unusual, including some locally-made, items. Visit website

– Exotic Cigars & Gifts, 507 East River Street
Tobacco shop selling a good selection of cigars, plus other tobacco products and accessories, and general gift items. Visit website

– Travel House, 508 East River Street
Gifts, souvenirs and clothing.

West River Street Shops

– Savannah Bee Company, 1 West River Street
Regional chain selling a wide range of honeys, plus honey-related accessories, toiletries and gifts. Visit website

– Fine Things Under $20, 121 West River Street
Locally-owned shop selling purses and other accessories.

– Loafer’s Loft, 121 West Lower Factors Walk
This shop, reached via set of stairs off River Street leading up to a balcony entrance, sells clothing and souvenirs.

– American Gift Shop, 205 West River Street
Clothing and souvenirs.

– Land and Sea Wear, 209 West River Street
Savannah-themed clothing and souvenirs. Visit website

– The Black Dog General Store, 211 West River Street
Chain store selling Black Dog branded clothing and other items for people and dogs. Visit website

– Perkins & Sons Chandlery, 211 West River Street
Reputedly haunted historic warehouse building now stocking antique maritime artifacts and other historic objects.

– Earthbound Trading Company, 215 West River Street
Chain clothing and homewares store. Visit website

– Christmas on the River, 219 West River Street
Christmas ornaments and other holiday-themed items.

– Harley-Davidson Motor Cycles, 221 West River Street
Harley-Davidson branded clothing and merchandise. Visit website

– Charleston Hemp Collective, 223 West River Street
Southern-based store selling a range of cannabinoid and other hemp-derived products. Visit website

– Byrd’s Famous Cookies, 300 West River Street
One of several outlets in Savannah for this longstanding local cookie maker. Visit website

– Southern Tide Savannah, 300 West River Street
Chain apparel shop selling casual men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, inside the Marriott Plant Riverside Hotel. Visit website

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