Restaurants On Bull Street & Nearby

Steamed whole crabs on a wooden table top, with lemon segements.

The streets around the Bull Street squares are home to dozens of cafés and restaurants, with options catering to most tastes and budgets. Additional drinking and dining spots are concentrated in the City Market area around Ellis and Franklin Squares, and along River Street.

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Restaurants Near Johnson Square

Johnson Square, along with River Street to the north, Ellis Square to its west and Franklin beyond it, has one of the highest concentrations of dining and drinking establishments in Historic District Savannah.

For classic cuisine, there is French bistro and gastropub Circa 1875 (48 Whitaker Street); or seafood restaurant and raw bar Chive Sea Bar & Lounge (4 West Broughton Street).

A more casual alternative is Tondee’s Tavern (7 East Bay Street), located in an 1850s former bank building, which it claims is haunted. International cuisine is available at Vietnamese micro-chain Co (10 Whitaker Street).

For pub food and craft beers, there is the Moon River Brewing Company (21 West Bay Street) brewpub, which also claims to be haunted, and the British-owned Churchill’s (13 West Bay Street), with a wine bar in the basement.

Bars include Bay Street Blues (17 East Bay Street), with live music and a karaoke bar and Jens & Friends (7 East Congress Street), which serves craft beers and martinis. Chain sports bar JJ’s Sports Bar & Grill serves food as well as drinks.

For lighter refreshments or snacks to go, there is Wicked Cakes of Savannah (38 Whitaker Street) which sells cupcakes and other baked goods; or chain sandwich shop Jimmy John’s Sandwiches (7 East Congress Street). Health food café Beetnix (18 East Broughton Street) sells juices and smoothies plus vegan breakfast food and salads.

Restaurants Near Wright Square

There is a good range of places to eat or drink in the vicinity of Wright Square. Just off the square itself is the popular Wright Square Café (21 West York Street), which also sells chocolates. South of the square along Bull Street is another café-restaurant, Australian-style The Collins Quarter (151 Bull Street), serving brunch and dinner, plus specialty teas and coffees.

With those two exceptions, the remaining nearby establishments are north of the square. On State Street, which runs along its upper edge, you can get Japanese, classic southern and Italian food, respectively at Super Tastes (16 West State Street); Debi’s Restaurant (10 West State Street, breakfast and lunch, weekdays only); or small regional chain Bella Napoli Italian Bistro (18 East State Street).

Up along Bull Street are hot dog and sandwich café Soda Pop Shoppe (114 Bull Street), plus chain cafés Starbucks and Panera Bread.

There are several more places along Broughton Street: Savannah-based burger chain B&D Burgers (13 East Broughton Street); Kayak Café (1 East Broughton Street), open from lunchtime through to late evening; pan-Asian The Flying Monk Noodle Bar (5 West Broughton Street); and regional Thai food micro-chain Ruan Thai (17 West Broughton Street).

Restaurants Near Chippewa Square

There is also a range of places to obtain food and refreshment around Chippewa Square, mostly to its south and east.

South of the square are the British-inspired Six Pence Pub (245 Bull Street), and Soho South Café (12 West Liberty Street), a New York style café housed in a former service station and serving lunch and Sunday brunch.

On, or nearly on, Chippewa Square’s southern edge are Gallery Espresso (234 Bull Street), an arty coffee shop also serving café-style food; and Fire Street Food (13 East Perry Street) for sushi and other Japanese and Southeast Asian food.

Eastwards is McDonough’s Restaurant & Lounge (21 East McDonough Street) which offers pub-style food plus a bar and karaoke. Upstairs is a more upscale bar and restaurant, Billy’s Place (21 East Perry Street).

Easiest to overlook is the slightly out-of-the-way Angel’s BBQ (21 West Oglethorpe Lane) a small back-lane barbecue shop (vegetarian available) down the little lane next to the Independent Presbyterian Church.

Restaurants Near Madison Square

There are several places to eat or drink in the vicinity of Madison Square, ranging from casual restaurants and cafés to the more upscale offerings of the Hilton DeSoto on the north side of the square.

The SCAD-operated Gryphon (337 Bull Street), located in the striking 1920s Scottish Rite building on the south of Madison Square, specialises in local, organic food and is open to the general public.

Several establishments are located within the Hilton DeSoto hotel complex on the northeast of Madison Square: Proof & Provision, a bar (with patio) serving casual southern food; the 1540 Room, also serving southern food, breakfast through dinner; and the Buffalo Bayou café inside the lobby.

Slightly to the north of the square, on Liberty Street, are pizza restaurant Mellow Mushroom, and The Public Kitchen & Bar, both of which offer outdoor seating.

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