Savannah From Orlando

Orlando and Savannah are separated by less than 300 miles, with several options for travel between them.

No airline currently offers direct flights between the two cities, but the bus or train are reasonably convenient alternatives for those who do not want to either drive or fly, with round-trip travel often available for less than $50 per person.

!The information below is correct as of May 2017, but please verify all details before planning your trip.



It is 280 miles, around 4-5 hours driving time, between Orlando and Savannah.

Take the I-4 out of Orlando, connecting with the I-95 at Daytona Beach. From there the route is along the I-95 almost all the way to Savannah, briefly taking the I-295 to bypass Jacksonville and then switching onto the I-16 immediately before entering Savannah.

St Augustine, a little over a third of the way to Savannah, is a good place to stop along the way, with its 17th- and 18th-century Spanish colonial buildings and one of the earliest forts in the United States, the Castillo de San Marcos.


No direct flights are currently available between Savannah and Orlando.

One-stop flights are available with Delta (connecting in Atlanta, GA), American Airlines (connecting in Charlotte, NC), United (connecting in Newark, NJ) and jetBlue (connecting at New York JFK). Flight time varies from just over 3 hours to 7 hours or more depending on the airline and route, with the shorter trips traveling via Atlanta or Charlotte (with Delta or American Airlines).

The cheapest flights usually start at around $300 (round trip), sometimes slightly less, going up to about $350 or more depending on the airline and route. If buying tickets within a week or two of travel, expect to pay an extra $50-$100 per person.

Orlando International Airport is 11 miles southeast of downtown Orlando (see on map) and Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport is 12 miles northwest of downtown Savannah. Both are conveniently accessible by taxi, shuttle and public transit.

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Orlando’s airport is 14 miles from the Orlando Greyhound station, and 12 miles from the Amtrak train station. Both are accessible from the airport via public transit in addition to taxi services.


Small pets in carriers welcome, fee applies

Amtrak provide direct passenger rail services between Orlando and Savannah, with a journey time usually less than 6 hours, though delays are possible.

Advance purchase fares are around $40 each way ($80 round trip). The ordinary fare is not much more, around $50 each way ($100 round trip).

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Orlando To Savannah

Two trains, one in the early afternoon and another in the early evening, leave Orlando for Savannah each day. The afternoon Silver Meteor service departs from Orlando at 1:35pm, arriving in Savannah at 7:23pm. The evening Silver Star train leaves Orlando at 7:32pm, arriving in Savannah at 1:16am.

Savannah To Orlando

Two early morning trains travel from Savannah to Orlando daily. The Silver Star service leaves Savannah at 4:18am, arriving in Orlando at 10:06am. The Silver Meteor train departs from Savannah at 6:40am, arriving in Orlando at 12:49pm.

Station Addresses & Connecting Transport

Orlando’s Amtrak train station is at 1400 Sligh Boulevard, just over a mile south of downtown Orlando (see on map). Station and ticket office hours are 8:30am to 8:15pm, self-service ticketing is not available.

The station is directly served by LYNX bus route 40, which connects with the downtown LYNX Central Station.

Savannah’s train station is located at 2611 Seaboard Coastline Drive, just over 3 miles west of the downtown Historic District. Read more about transport options to and from Savannah’s Amtrak station.



Greyhound provide bus services between Orlando and Savannah, with journey times usually a little longer than by train. If you are able to make reservations in advance, tickets can cost as little as $25-$30 each way ($50-$60 round trip) for weekday travel, or closer to $50 each way around the weekend. Tickets can be somewhat more expensive if bought nearer to the day of travel, from $50-$100 each way ($100-$200 round trip).

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Orlando To Savannah

Four direct bus services, plus another with a 2-hour connection in Macon, leave Orlando for Savannah daily, with early morning, afternoon and evening departure times available. The earliest direct bus leaves Orlando at 5am, arriving in Savannah at 12:55pm; another indirect service (with total journey time of nearly 13 hours) leaves 30 minutes later.

The shortest trips are later in the day. An early afternoon bus leaves Orlando at 1:10pm, arriving in Savannah at 7:45pm. Two later buses leave Orlando at 7:15pm (arrives Savannah at 1am the next day) and 10:15pm (5:20am next day).

Savannah To Orlando

Four direct bus services leave Savannah for Orlando daily. Buses depart Savannah at 2:10am (arriving in Orlando at 8:25am/8:45am), 6:05am (11:55pm), 9:35am (5:30pm) and 5:20pm (11:10pm).

An additional non-direct service, connecting in Macon, leaves Savannah at 7:05pm and arrives in Orlando at 4:30am the next day; the total journey time for this route is 9.5 hours.

Station Addresses & Connecting Transport

Orlando’s Greyhound station is at 555 North John Young Parkway (see on map), around 3 miles north-west of downtown Orlando. Orlando’s LYNX transit system connects directly with the station via bus routes 25 and 303, with other additional services stopping within a few hundred yards. See LYNX routes and schedules

Savannah’s Greyhound station is conveniently located right next to the downtown Historic District, at 610 West Oglethorpe Avenue. More about Savannah’s bus station