Savannah From Nashville, TN

Traveling between Nashville and Savannah (a distance of 500 miles) is unfortunately slow and inconvenient by most methods of transport. Driving is the cheapest way to travel between the cities, but will take about twice as long as the fastest option, flying.

No direct transport services (except by car) are available between the two cities, either by bus, train or plane. The train is definitely not recommended, but the bus provides an acceptable budget alternative to flying if you don’t want to drive.

Please note that there is a one hour time difference between Nashville and Savannah, with effective journey times an hour longer than the actual travel time in the Nashville to Savannah direction and an hour shorter than the travel time when going from Savannah to Nashville.

!The information below is correct as of June 2017, but please verify all details before planning your trip.



The drive between Nashville and Savannah is 500 miles, about 8-10 hours travel time with breaks. The main route between the cities, traveling in the Nashville to Savannah direction, takes the I-24 out of Nashville to Chattanooga. From Chattanooga, follow the I-75 down to and through Atlanta, switching onto the I-16 at Macon.

If you want to stop along the way, Chattanooga is located at roughly the quarter-way point, Atlanta at half way and Macon at just under three quarters of the way to Savannah (or vice versa in the opposite direction).


Direct flights between Nashville and Savannah are not currently available. Two airlines, American Airlines and Delta, provide a one-stop service between the two cities, with a connection in either Charlotte, NC (American Airlines) or Atlanta, GA (Delta).

Both airlines offer several departures daily, with a journey time of 3-4 hours on most routes depending on the length of the connection, which will usually be in the 40 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes range.

The cheapest flights cost from around $300-$320 for the advance purchase round trip economy fare. On short notice, remaining available flights can be over $100 more expensive.

Both Nashville International Airport (8 miles east of downtown Nashville) and Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport (12 miles northwest of downtown Savannah) are easily accessible by taxi, shuttle, rideshare and public transit. More information about connecting transport from Savannah’s airport



No pets allowed, service animals only

Greyhound provides bus services between Nashville and Savannah. Several journey options are available daily, although most of them unfortunately either arrive or leave in the middle of the night. There is, however, one trip in each direction with reasonably convenient departure and arrival times.

All routes will involve a transfer in Atlanta, GA. Please note that the connection time in Atlanta varies from as little as 30 minutes to as long as three and a half hours. Total journey time between Nashville and Savannah ranges from around 9.5 to 12.5 hours depending on the service chosen.

Advance online fares start at around $65 each way, but can sometimes go up to $100 or so depending on the day of travel and how far ahead you book ($130-$200 round trip); walk-up fares are $155-$175 depending on the service chosen ($310-$350 round trip).

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Nashville To Savannah

Four bus services – one late night, two morning and one late evening – depart Nashville for Savannah daily. Each requires a transfer in Atlanta.

Buses usually leave Nashville at 1:45am (arrives in Savannah at 1:05pm), 6:40am (6:20pm), 12:01pm (1:15am next day) and 9:45pm (8:45am next day).

Savannah To Nashville

There are only three bus services available for the journey from Savannah to Nashville, with one morning and two early evening departures. All routes transfer in Atlanta.

Buses leave Savannah at 10:20am (arriving in Nashville at 9:05pm), 5:10pm (1:35am next day) and 7:05pm (3:45am next day).

Station Locations

Both Nashville’s and Savannah’s bus station are located within easy walking distance of their cities’ downtowns, with connections to other destinations available by public transit or taxi.

Nashville’s Greyhound station is at 709 5th Avenue South (see on map) and Savannah’s is at 610 West Oglethorpe Avenue (see map).


Unless you feel like seeing America, the train is not a viable transport option for travel between Nashville and Savannah. Take the bus instead if you want to neither drive nor fly.

Nashville does not have a passenger rail station, necessitating lengthy Thruway bus connections, multiple transfers and layovers in distant and out-of-the-way cities and a total journey time in excess of two full days, with 1800 miles covered (and 8 states crossed) to travel a distance that is only 500 miles by road.

The train is also about the most expensive way to get between the two cities, costing over $500 for a basic round trip ticket.