Savannah From Miami, FL

485 miles, or around 6-15 hours travel time, separate Miami, FL from Savannah, GA.

The fastest way to get between the cities is either to drive or fly. Unfortunately, no airline currently offers non-stop commercial flights between Miami and Savannah. Consequently, if travel time to and from the city’s respective airports is included, plus advance arrival time at the departure airport, there is surprisingly little time to be saved by flying rather than driving.

If you don’t want to drive, the train and bus offer slower but cheaper alternatives to flying.

!The information below is correct as of June 2017, but please verify all details before planning your trip.



The distance between Miami and Savannah is 485 miles, around 8 hours driving time.

Take either the I-95 out of Miami, or the Florida Turnpike (toll applies), connecting with the I-95 at Fort Pierce. From there, the drive is straight up the I-95 for most of the trip, taking the I-295 to detour around Jacksonville and finally switching on to the I-16 just before entering Savannah.

The historic city of St Augustine, about two thirds of the way to Savannah, is a good place to stop during the journey, with many old buildings from the Spanish colonial era and a 17th-century fort, the Castillo de San Marcos.


Non-stop flights between Miami and Savannah are not currently available.

Delta and American Airlines provide the majority of one-stop services between the cities (with the shortest trips connecting in Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC respectively), each offering multiple departure times daily. United also provide one-stop flights between Savannah and Miami, but as they connect in Newark, NJ, total journey time is longer. Longer flights connecting in alternative cities are also available.

Total flight time, including connections, is around 4-6 hours depending on route and airline (6-11 hours+ via Newark). The cheapest tickets will rarely be much less than $380-$400 round trip (fares from around $330-$350 are sometimes available mid-week), and if buying at short notice, expect to pay over $100 extra per person.

Miami International Airport is 9 miles northwest of downtown Miami (see on map) and Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport is 12 miles northwest of downtown Savannah. Both are conveniently accessible by taxi, shuttle and public transit.

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Small pets in carriers welcome, fee applies

If you don’t mind spending a full day traveling, the train offers a reasonably convenient way of getting from Miami to Savannah and vice versa. Amtrak offers direct services between the two cities, with most trains in both directions leaving during the morning and arriving at their destinations (with one exception) in the early evening.

Trip length varies from a little over 11 hours to just under 14 hours, depending on the service chosen. Please note, however, that as with most Amtrak services, delays on this route are common.

Tickets cost around $65 each way ($130 round trip) with advance reservations, and around $80 each way ($160 round trip) if purchased at the station before boarding or within two weeks of travel.

Ticketing services are available at both Miami’s and Savannah’s Amtrak stations.

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Miami To Savannah

Two morning trains leave Miami for Savannah daily. The earlier Silver Meteor service departs from Miami at 8:10am, arriving in Savannah at 7:23pm. The later morning Silver Star service leaves Miami at 11:50am, arriving in Savannah at 1:16am.

Savannah To Miami

Two early morning train services run from Savannah to Miami daily. The Silver Star service leaves Savannah at 4:18am, arriving in Miami at 5:58pm. The Silver Meteor service leaves Savannah at 6:40am and arrives in Miami at 6:39pm.

Station Addresses & Connecting Transport

Train travel between Savannah and Miami is between the following locations:

Savannah Amtrak station at 2611 Seaboard Coastline Drive, 3 miles west of the Historic District. See location on map Taxi and limited bus services are available to and from the station. Read more about getting to Savannah’s train station

Miami Amtrak station at 8303 NW 37th Avenue, 11 miles northwest of downtown Miami. See on map

The Green Line Metrorail service connects the train station to downtown Miami and other destinations via the Tri-Rail Metrorail station (a walk of a few hundred yards from the Amtrak station). Services operate up to every 10 minutes daily, 5am-12pm (5am-2am Friday and Saturday).


No pets allowed, service animals only

Greyhound provides intercity bus services between Miami and Savannah, with four to five buses departing daily in each direction. Several of the buses either depart or arrive in the middle of the night, but there should be one trip in each direction that both leaves and arrives at reasonably convenient times.

Greyhound technically also offers the option to buy tickets for twice-daily services from Miami International Airport to Savannah, but it is better to buy a ticket traveling from (or to) Miami’s Greyhound station itself instead — the station is only a few hundred yards from the airport terminals, and more conveniently accessible via the airport’s regular ground transportation.

Travel time by bus between Miami and Savannah is comparable to the train. If you purchase tickets in advance, the bus can offer a modest saving over train tickets. Please note, however, that it can be more expensive than the train if you intend to buy tickets immediately prior to travel.

Total journey times by bus range from around 11.5 to 15 hours, with one journey somewhat longer at 18.5 hours. Some direct services on the Miami-Savannah route have a longer total travel time than other routes that require transfers.

Online advance purchase tickets cost around $55-$65 each way ($110-$130 round trip) and walk-up fares are $120-$125 each way ($240-$250 round trip) depending on the route selected.

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Miami To Savannah

Three direct services depart Miami daily for Savannah. Buses leave Miami at 10:50am (arriving in Savannah at 5:20am the next day – this trip takes several hours longer than any of the others), 1:30pm (1am next day) and 10:50pm (12:55pm next day).

Three additional non-direct services are available. The earlier buses leave Miami at 5am, arriving in Savannah at 6:50pm, and at 7:15am, arriving in Savannah at 7:45pm (connecting in Jacksonville and Orlando, respectively). The later bus leaves Miami at 4:20pm, connecting in Orlando and arriving in Savannah at 5:20am the next day.

Savannah To Miami

Four daily bus services leave Savannah for Miami, two direct and two with a transfer in Orlando.

Direct services leave Savannah at 6:05am (arriving in Miami at 5:50pm) and 5:20pm (arriving in Miami at 4:20am the next day). Non-direct services leave Savannah at 2:10am (Miami 2:20pm) and 9:35am (12:25am).

Station Addresses & Connecting Transport

Bus travel between Miami and Savannah is between the following locations:

Miami Greyhound Station at 3801 Northwest 21st Street, 9 miles northwest of downtown Miami (right next to the airport). See map Metrorail, bus and taxi services are available to downtown Miami and other locations.

Savannah Greyhound Station at 610 West Oglethorpe Avenue. Savannah’s bus station is right next to downtown, and easily reached by public transit, taxi, or even on foot. View location on map