Savannah In Summer

A small boat moored alongside Savannah, GA's River Street.

July and August are, along with the winter months, the off-season in Savannah. As the heat rises, the city slows down: crowds thin out and people go to the sea and beach in search of cooling breezes and the ocean.

Some accommodation bargains can be had at this time of year, as people with more flexibility in their travel plans often prefer the cooler months of spring and fall.

The same does not hold true of nearby seafront destinations such as Tybee Island and Hilton Head. Summer in Savannah and its vicinity is a time for family vacations, and rental properties suitable for families are at a premium at this time of the year.



Summers in Savannah are hot and humid. From June through August average highs are around 90°F (32°C), and average lows around 70°F (22°C).

Some indoor attractions may have air conditioning, but longer walks around the Historic District will probably not be comfortable on the hottest days. Savannah’s thousands of shade trees help a little with the heat and sun, but outdoors it will often still be very hot during the middle of the day, and the trees do nothing to combat the humidity!

You can expect sunny weather on most days, but also prepare for rain. The summer months are the wettest of the year in Savannah, with monthly rainfall around twice as high as at any other time. Rainstorms and thunderstorms are frequent, and there is a risk of hurricanes through September and early October.

The UV index is very high in Georgia throughout the summer, and high-factor sunscreen is a must for all complexions. Insect repellant is also highly desirable, as there are large numbers of flies and biting insects in Savannah itself and even more of them in the surrounding marshland areas.


Festivals & Events

Most of the biggest festivals and events are scheduled for the spring and fall, when the weather is at its best. Savannah’s event calendar slows down considerably in the summer months, but there are still a few things to go to, some over on nearby Tybee Island.

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The main event in Savannah's summer is July 4th, when both it and neighboring Tybee Island attract huge crowds of visitors. Numerous special activities and events are put on at various nearby attractions, and there are also the usual fireworks displays and other festivities.

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