Shopping In Savannah’s Starland District

Savannah’s Starland District is an emerging neighborhood a few blocks south of Forsyth Park, with a cluster of arts, shopping and dining establishments that offers an alternative experience to the more polished charm of the Historic District.

The district offers a selection of eclectic stores and more conventional boutiques, some located within the Starland District as most tightly defined, and many more in the broader area of the Thomas Square district whose businesses affiliate themselves loosely with Starland.

In this wider area, there are also a good number of antique and interior decor stores, ideally explored out of Starland, which offers numerous places to enjoy brunch or lunch.

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Starland’s Core District

Arts & Music

The Hidden Hand Society (2423 De Soto Avenue, Tue-Sat) Stationery shop also selling products by local artists and creators, and graphic novellas.

Starlandia (2438 Bull Street, Mon-Sat) Reclaimed art and craft supplies and printing store, selling a range of equipment, materials, books, frames, etc. Part exchange of your own used supplies is accepted.

Maldoror’s (2418 De Soto Avenue, Tue-Sat) Custom framing and art print store which also sells woodwork items made from locally-reclaimed wood.

Graveface Records & Curiosities (5 West 40th Street, Mon-Sun) New and used record store, also selling a mix of other miscellaneous items including cocktail supplies, toys and games, and taxidermied animals.

Black Orchid Tattoo Studio & Gallery (118 West Victory Drive, Mon-Sun) Tattoo studio with a small attached art gallery showing rotating exhibitions.

Furniture, Interior Decor & Design

The Vicar’s Wife (2430 Bull Street, Tue-Sat) Vintage furniture and home decor architectural and accent pieces, plus jewelry, old-style tableware, etc.

Pinch of the Past Architectural Antiques (2603 Whitaker Street) Award-winning architectural antique and restoration service, located in a distinctive, restored pink stucco building dating from 1900.

Clothing & Fashion

Gypsy World Savannah (2405 Bull Street) Vintage men’s and women’s fashion store.

Forest and Fin (2432 DeSoto Avenue, Thu-Sat) Nature-inspired screen-printed clothing, plus local-made items and accessories.

Lovelane Designs (25 East 40th Street) Handmade children’s costumes and play clothes.

House of Strut (17 West 41st Street, Mon-Sat) Vintage fashion, art and music.

Crocodile World (2220 Bull Street) Men’s and women’s exotic shoe store.


Broader Neighborhood

Furniture, Interior Decor & Design

Urban Poppy (2312 Abercorn Street, Mon-Sat) Store specializing in small nouveau-rustique interior accent pieces, plus gifts (on a similar theme) for adults and babies.

The Cottage Shop (2422 Abercorn Street, Mon-Fri/Sat) Boutique gift store selling household items and gifts.

Shop the Fox (1917 Bull Street, Mon-Sun) Store attached to the Foxy Loxy Café, selling coffee brewing equipment, art and prints, stationery, gifts, etc.

Pars Oriental Rugs (2517 Abercorn Street, Mon-Sat) Store specializing in rugs from South and East Asia and Middle East.

Picker Joe’s Antique Mall & Vintage Market (217 East 41st Street, Mon-Sun) Antique and vintage furniture, homewares and collectibles.

Cobb’s Galleries (122 East 37th Street, Mon-Sat) Antiques, collectibles, jewelry and watches.

Habersham Antique Market & Collectibles (2502 Habersham Street, Mon-Sat) A range of wares from numerous sellers, including antique and vintage art, carpets, clothes and homewares.

Clothing & Fashion

Sara Jane Children’s Boutique (202 East 37th Street, Mon-Sat) Children’s fashion store.

Kathi Rich (2515 Abercorn Street, Mon-Sat) Upmarket women’s clothing store.


Musikhaus (2424 Abercorn Street, Tue-Sat) Instrument and music store.

Atwell’s Art and Frame (2310 Drayton Street, Mon-Sat) Art store, including local art, and framing service.