Wassaw Island Tours

Wassaw Island, preserved as a National Wildlife Refuge, is one of several undeveloped barrier islands along the Georgia coast accessible as a day trip out of Savannah or Tybee Island. Most of the refuge’s salt marsh is not open to the public, but the large ocean-fronting area can be visited during daylight hours.

Wassaw Island has miles of beach front and maritime forest, providing an excellent environment for beach-combing, wildlife-watching or just for peaceful and secluded access to nature. Boat tours or charters are the easiest way to visit Wassaw (which has no road access), but this is also an ideal paddling destination for the more experienced kayaker.

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Little Tybee Island, immediately south of the beachfront community of Tybee Island, is a more conveniently-accessible alternative to Wassaw, offering the possibility of shorter (and commensurately cheaper) excursions and many more options for tours than to the more distant Wassaw.

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!The information below is correct as of June 2017, but please check all details directly with the tour company before planning your trip. Availability may vary by season, and providers may withdraw or change specific tours without notice.


Boat Tours To Wassaw Island

Several local boat tour and charter companies offer planned excursions to Wassaw Island, and many others can provide either a tour or boat transportation to the island by arrangement. See details of boat charter companies in the Savannah/Tybee area

You will need at least half a day to visit Wassaw, and usually a full day if you want to have time on the island itself for hiking, beach combing or other activities.

Unless otherwise stated, the trips below are for a maximum of six people. Advance reservations are usually required.

Wassaw National Wildlife Island Excursion, 3hrs30-4hrs30. With Isle of Lucy Boat Excursions. Boat trip to Wassaw Island from the vicinity of Isle of Hope, with about 2 hours on Wassaw. Available weekends only. Around $300, depending on trip duration ($125 for first hour, $60 per additional hour). Call 912-657-5692 for reservations. More details

Wassaw Island Excursion, 6-7hrs. With Savannah Coastal EcoTours. Boat excursion to Wassaw Island from Isle of Hope (from other locations by arrangement), with landing on either the north or south end of Wassaw’s oceanfront beach. $375 per party. Call 912-220-6092 for reservations. More details

Wassaw Island Excursion, 5hrs. With Sundial Charters. Excursion to Wassaw from Tybee Island, including landing time on Wassaw. $425 per boat for 1-2, plus $25 for each additional adult and $10 for each additional child (0-16). Three 6-person boats available. Call 912-786-9470 or book online. More details

Wild Island Exploration, 3-6hrs+. With Wilderness Southeast. Boat excursion to Wassaw, with guided tour of the island’s beaches and maritime environments. Time on shore depends on trip length selected. 3-hour tours from $340 for 1-2 people, 4-hour tours from $400 for 1-2 and full-day tours from $600 for 1-2. In each case, an extra $25 is payable per extra participant, to a maximum of 6. Call 912-236-8115 for reservations or book online. More details


Kayak Tours To Wassaw Island

Two local tour companies, Sea Kayak Georgia (based on Tybee Island, at 1102 Highway 80) and Savannah Canoe and Kayak (based in Savannah, at 414 Bonaventure Road), offer guided kayak excursions to Wassaw Island.

Sea Kayak Georgia offers a 6-hour excursion to Wassaw Island from Tybee, with extended stretches of ocean paddling. $95 per person. Call 912-786-8732 for reservations. More details

Savannah Canoe and Kayak offers a gentler, 7-hour excursion down the Wilmington River to Wassaw, with hiking on the island trails and a beach picnic. $135 per person. Call 912-341-9502 for reservations. More details

These full-day tours are suitable for people with kayaking experience and the physical stamina required for extended paddling trips. Alternative, less strenuous tours, which are also usually appropriate for beginners, are available to several nearby destinations, including Skidaway, Tybee Island and Little Tybee Island.